you can create enterprise mobile apps


you can create enterprise mobile apps

powerful enterprise app platform for facilities

AppTree Revolution is an enterprise app platform focused on the facilities expert.  Using our platform, your facilities professionals can create sophisticated point solutions.  AppTree enables your success by solving the problems all enterprise apps projects face:

Integrations, Data Security, Performance, Compatibility, User Provisioning, Off-line Functionality and Localization.

We attempt to solve these problems completely so there are no compromises.  Our tools are designed for both engineers and non-engineers to successfully build the apps they need.  AppTree customers use the platform for solutions such as:

Inspections, Timecards, Work Management, Preventive Maintenance, Space Surveys, Key Control, Utility Meter Reading, Space Management, ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance, Requesting Services, Inventory Management, Part Request and Delivery, Labor Entry, Timeclocks, Scheduling and Dispatching

 Innovation is an engineering problem.



If you understand your requirements, and are comfortable with mobile technology,

you can create point solutions and enterprise mobile apps  that work off-line..



First, point the  App Builder at a database or application.

AppTree figures out the capabilities of whatever you've connected it to.

Next, pick the type of feature you want to create 

The App Builder automatically creates your app and you can enhance it to meet your needs.

Just push a button to publish your app to all your users.

Use our SDK to create sophisticated enterprise mobile apps in less time.  The apps you build will work off-line, even with large amounts of enterprise data.  Apps are secure, fast and stable.  Contact us at to see how you can save your enterprise time, money and get better apps in the hands of your users.

Who uses AppTree Revolution?  You CAN.

AppTree Revolution is for...

enterprise employees, managers and directors to leverage their domain expertise to build solutions tailored to their organization’s needs.

enterprise developers to become 10x more productive by bypassing all mobile development and focusing on building connectors to your exiSting enterprise systems.

consultants to add enterprise mobile to their list of services they can provide their customers.

enterprise software vendors to add native enterprise mobile apps to their product line in less time and with less risk.

app developers and startups for fast prototyping, development and creation of sophisticated enterprise mobile apps that work off-line, can handle large volumes of transactions, and that are fast, stable secure and competitive.


Customer Success

Customer Success

Stanford University

Stanford University has a work force of over 200 maintenance technicians supporting a large, modern high-tech campus. Stanford has a long history of using mobile computing devices to assist their work force. Looking for a better product to replace their existing proprietary mobile solution, Stanford turned to  AppTree Software.

They chose the AppTree Revolution because they had requirements that their current system was unable to meet; they wanted to use less expensive commodity devices, they required better performance, and they needed to be able to modify and enhance the system themselves. The AppTree Revolution met their needs. They were able to design the application to meet their requirements for the Land, Buildings and Real Estate division, and for the Stanford School of Medicine.

The AppTree Revolution provided a unique platform for Stanford to configure and deploy a mobile application for use with our existing asset management system.
— Michael Fox, Stanford University


Kent State University, with an enrollment of over 40,000 students is a large and diverse campus.  University employees have a lot of ground to cover and AppTree Revolution's ability to deliver sophisticated mobile features to them in the field, even to areas with no network service, is a critical capability.  Kent State's mobile app includes a tremendous amount of functionality related to submitting requests, assigning and scheduling, timekeeping and managing their large inventory or assets and parts.  Kent State uses "uber like" features to help technicians in the field, connect with their parts delivery staff.  Both technician and delivery personal can communicate they are 'on their way' and use the live mapping features to connect with each other in the field to transfer the parts.

Yale University

Yale University has a truly mobile work force and they wanted an application that would match their workers step for step. In fact, they named their AppTree mobile app the ‘Yale Mobile Work Force’. The Yale application was designed to meet their exact business processes. Using the AppTree Revolution, they were able to enhance their existing functionality and implement features that would have otherwise required costly customizations to their off-the-shelf maintenance management system.

AppTree Software developed a mobile application for Yale University’s Facilities Operations. Our AppTree application consultant worked very closely with us on the development of the application, and ensured that our business needs were met in a timely manner. He was always concerned with the look and feel, efficiency, and functionality of the application, and always wanted to be sure that our needs were met. The application is used by approximately 175 facilities operations personnel and replaced paper work orders. Our mobile app has significantly improved management’s visibility of work orders, eliminated the need to scan and file work orders, and improved worker productivity.
— Thomas Undercuffler, Yale University


The University of Regina in Saskatchewan Canada uses a cloud based ticketing system to report issues on campus. Using AppTree Revolution, they were able to deploy a comprehensive mobile app to their employees using their current enterprise software vendors out-of-the box web services, without writing a single line of code.  Because they already had web services and connectors to their existing system, they were able to quickly deploy their mobile app with a minimum of IT support.


The University of Colorado

The University of Colorado provides enhanced services to employees and faculty with the AppTree Revolution. UC employees can view utilities consumption, request leave, and request keys through self-service web applications built on the AppTree Revolution. Warehouse personnel can look up parts, issue parts and conduct physical inventories using Android and iOS mobile devices all with the AppTree Revolution.

Until AppTree developed their mobile application framework, there hasn’t been a good mobile/wireless solution to connect to our business systems. AppTree Professional Services worked closely with us to develop Work Management and Inventory functionality that fits the University of Colorado’s business processes. The iOS and Android platforms are easy to deploy and modify as needed.

The mobile applications allow our staff to function on-the-go without going back to their desks to access our asset management system. This allows for many efficiencies in managing work orders, entering time and notes, and processing inventory requests. The AppTree applications modernized the interface to our asset management system. Our users will prefer to use the application, regardless of whether they are in the office or in the field, for most of their needs. As an example, time entry is much easier and timely using the mobile application. We expect most users will prefer to do all of their time entry using the mobile application even when they are sitting at their desk.
— Eric Miller, University of Colorado


Wawa Inc

Wawa, a large convenience store retailer with over 600 locations, selected the AppTree Framework to enhance the collaboration with their store managers, vendors, contractors and internal Wawa employees.

Using the AppTree Revolution CORE, Wawa implemented a system to track equipment warranties, assist with vendor selection and dispatching and providing a way for vendors and contractors to charge time for asset maintenance at their 600 store locations.  

Wawa has implemented the mobile clients for iOS and Android to provide all these capabilities and more, directly to their work force in the field such as:

  • Upon completion of on-site work, using a short satisfaction survey and digital signature capture to close a work order with store manager approval
  • Barcode scanning to verify equipment location, trigger equipment moves and to add additional pieces of equipment to a work order
  • Notifications for new assignments including calculating the most efficient routes and providing driving directions.
  • Automated time-clock for clocking in and out of store locations using GPS technology
  • Site survey and store audit capabilities

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