Until now, developing powerful business mobile apps has been hard.  Way too hard.  AppTree Software has revolutionized the process to develop powerful business mobile apps. Our enterprise mobile platform solves many of the problems that exist for IT and business wanting a solid, high performing business app that employees or customers will want to use.  


The demand for apps in the enterprise is at an all-time high, as businesses recognize that it’s a mobile-first world, and turn to apps for generating revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and improving efficiency.

But the latest research shows that companies can’t find nearly enough enterprise mobile app development talent, and are facing a growing mobile backlog. Developers skilled in dealing with databases or desktop web pages are common within corporations, but those who can also develop for mobile are much less common and very hard to hire.

AppTree solves the problem of lack of skilled developers. Because the AppTree Enterprise Mobile Platform does not require programming skills, it allows our customers and partners to focus on configuring mobile apps and creating a user interface design that is optimal for their user community.


The need for customizations in the enterprise is inevitable and even more so when considering mobile enterprise applications. Selecting the right mobile enterprise applications can considerably reduce your total cost of ownership when you factor in the cost of ongoing customizations.

Our flexible and future-proof solution allows our customers to adapt and take advantage of new technologies as they develop. New business rules and enhancements can be easily configured and rolled out to mobile users and customers, on all supported platforms, within minutes.

What takes a few hours with AppTree Enterprise Mobile Platform can
take days and thousands of dollars of additional cost with traditional mobile development.


When it comes to delivering innovative and differentiating applications, faster time to market is crucial. Simply by accelerating project timelines, our solution unlocks greater efficiencies and revenues, resulting in a cascading effect.

The technology of our application platform gives IT teams the ability to deliver native apps faster, easier and cheaper than ever imagined. By accelerating time to market and innovation, AppTree customers and partners position their companies to lead.