We at AppTree Software are in love with Dart. It's allowed us to take traditionally non-web programmers, including myself, and make them productive in the web world.

I'm a native mobile developer for iOS and Android, Javascript is is not my strong suit. When we decided to embark on a big web project, I started looking for options. I probably did a Hello World app in 5 different web technologies, but when I came across Dart, and specifically AngularDart, it felt very familiar. It's modern, has a great toolset, supports the latest web standards, and most importantly allows you to build a web application like I would build a mobile application.

To give you some background, we’ve built an app platform that lets users build enterprise mobile apps without coding. We’ve been referring to it as the ‘Squarespace for enterprise mobile’ . Our app builder, written in Dart, allows you to point to a web service or database, it figures out what its capabilities are, and then you can start creating features in your mobile app without doing any coding. This includes mapping, calendars, creating and updating records, searching, barcode reading, attachments, and some enterprise specific widgets for things like time entry, inventory, dispatching & scheduling. It’s 100% configurable by the user. When you publish your app, you end up with native apps, that work off-line, and can run on any Android or iOS device.

See a sneak peak of the AppTree Builder here.

We are now adding a 3rd client, we call "AppTree Anywhere", so you can run the applications you built in any web browser. We are using AngularDart as the technology behind our builder and the Anywhere client. Rather than take the approach of creating an HTML app that can run on mobile, using Dart, we are taking mobile apps and running them on the web.

Working in Dart is fast. We wrote the initial working version in 3 weeks, showed it to some customers, and based on their feedback rewrote the entire project in another 3 weeks. Since then, we left the "just get something to show" phase and have been building out the production product. It’s moving really fast.

We hired a developer, just out of school, who only knew Java and some C++. She was able to pick up Dart within a month and start contributing. AppTree Software is moving to Portland in the coming months and we're looking for Dart developers in the Portland area.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone on the Dart team for the great work they are doing. The language and toolset they are providing is letting our team do things we would not be able to with another technology. I couldn’t agree more with Dennis Khvostionov’s recent post about Dart enabling small teams to do more:


We encourage everyone out there to seriously consider Dart for any web projects and we look forward to meeting some more Dartisans at the upcoming Dart Developer Summit