AppTree Revolution OS and Device Compatibility

This post has Operating System and Device compatibility information for AppTree Revolution's Enterprise App Platform.

You can run AppTree Mobile apps on Android and iOS Devices. See below for more specific compatibility information.

Android Devices

Release 5 supports Android 4.3 or higher.

There are over 12,000 unique Android devices and we are not able to test on each device. We do inventory the most commonly used Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and tablets and the Google Nexus devices. If you have an Android device you want to standardize on, we strongly suggest you purchase a single unit and do your initial testing on that device to ensure it’s a good platform for AppTree. If you do select a device, please let us know which make and model and we will attempt to add it to our device library for QA purposes.

iOS Devices

Release 5 supports iOS 8.2 or higher.

Any iOS device purchased in the last 2 years will work very with our software. We do not recommend you use the software with older iPod touches because the camera quality on these devices can make barcode scanning difficult. Some older Apple devices, such as the iPhone3GS and iPhone4 are not fully compatible. The iPhone4S and later devices are compatible with Release 5. The original iPad version 1 is not compatible. The iPad2 is mostly compatible, but some models do not have a rear facing camera making scanning difficult. We recommend the iPhone5 or later, iPad3 or later and the Generation 5 or later iPod Touch devices.

Refer to this document for specific device compatibility:

Compatibility Chart

AppTree Revolution iOS Android Notes
Release 3 iOS6.x to iOS8.x 2.3 and 4.0 Release 3 is NOT compatible with iOS9 or Android 5
Release 4 iOS7.x to iOS9.x 4.0 and higher (API 14+) Release 5 is compatible with iOS9 and Android 5
Release 5 iOS8.2 and Higher 4.3 and higher (API 18+) &nbsp

Future Client Support

In 2016, we will be releasing a web client so you can run your R5 mobile apps in a web browser. The primary purpose for this is desktop use, however the web client will be fully responsive so you can use it on mobile device browsers to expand support beyond the native iOS and Android clients.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will support native Android apps. It is our intention, once Windows 10 for mobile is released, to certify our Android client for that OS so you can run our apps natively on the latest Windows mobile devices.

Similarly, BlackBerry 10.2 has announced support for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean apps. As soon as BlackBerry extends support to 4.3 or Android 5, our intention is to certify AppTree Revolution R5 on that OS.