Everybody has a thing.

Our thing is building an enterprise class, native mobile platform and letting you create mobile applications using a simple web interface.

What is your thing?

Whether you are a large or small business, or an indivual with an idea, you have data. You want to share that data, map it, take pictures and videos of it, monetize it.

Connecting your thing to our thing

Create a database connection

Step 1:

Using the AppMaker, you have two options. You can either point the AppMaker directly to your database or to a set of web services that can access your data.

Step 2:

AppTree Revolution will interpret your databse and web services and determine what they are capable of. Don't worry, you can give it suggestions that let it be smarter about your data.

Step 3:

The AppMaker will show you a list of features available to use with your data. Choose a feature and the AppMaker will generate that feature for you.

Choose a feature

Step 4:

Tweak those features to perfectly match your needs. Want to allow video uploads? Add it. Want to view your data on a map and display a heatmap overlay? Add that too. You'll be surprised at how many capabilities you can add to your app in minutes.

Step 5:

When ready, hit the publish button. Your app is instantly updated. No re-downloading and no MDM necessary. Every one of your users now has your new feature.

Step 6:

Dream up new features or apps.