A dating app for enterprise software?

connecting enterprise software and data in the cloud


AppTree is for making connections between enterprise systems and building on those connections to create something great.  So yea, I guess you could think of it as a dating app for software.

AppTree is a cloud platform for managing connections between common enterprise software products.  These 'connections' are out-of-the-box and ready to use versions of existing APIs, integrations from your software vendors.

Once you've established the connections through AppTree, you can get access to the capabilities of these connections and the data moving between your systems.

AppTree has sophisticated visual app building tools that let you create new apps and features using these connections  The apps you build can run natively on iOS and Android devices, even without a continuous network connection, or in a web browser.

AppTree has built in capabilities to address some of the most challenging aspects of enterprise software deployment: localization, offline access, localization, performance, and working with large data sets.

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