install an example app that was built with apptree revolution

Thanks for your interest in AppTree Revolution Enterprise Mobile Platform. We created a demonstration app, built on AppTree, that you an install on your device.  To install the demo app, you will need either an iOS device or an Android device.  It can be either a phone, tablet of one of their music players.

It's important to note that the example app is JUST AN EXAMPLE of what you can do with AppTree Revolution.  It happens to be a field services app which lets a user receive and update work orders that have been assigned to the user, charge labor hours, attach images, request parts and other features similar to what you'd find in a field services app.

It's by no means meant to imply that AppTree is a field services app.  AppTree is an awesome app creation tool that lets you build any app you need, without having to know anything about software development.

If you are viewing this site from your mobile device already, then just tap one of the links below to start the install.


Logging in

After you've installed the demonstration app, you can tap the 'Need an account?' option on the login page to create an account.

You can also log in with any of the pre-created users accounts.  The users accounts are all distinct and have different work orders assigned to them and different levels of access.

Pre-Created Demo Users:  demo001 through demo099

Demo Password:  demo



Getting the Most Out of the Demo APP

You can test the ‘Equipment’ menu item by using thE barcode above to scan for an equipment record OR you can manually enter EQ035011 and hit the ‘Search’ button.

* Note: Some devices have trouble reading a barcode off a computer screen. If you have trouble, you may want to print this page and scan a paper version of this barcode. Some devices, like the version 4 Apple Touch, have low-resolution cameras and have difficulty scanning barcodes.

You can test the ‘Search Equipment’ feature by typing ‘pump’ in the equipment nomenclature search field or do a partial match search on a equipment number like ‘35’. For demonstration purposes we’ve limited the result set to 50 records.

You can test the Work Order creation and assignment feature by creating a Work Order and leaving the default ‘Assigned To’ as is. The ‘Assigned To’ value defaults to the user who is logged in so this will assign the new Work Order to you. Now you will be able to find it on your ‘My Work Orders’ list and you will also receive a push notification or an in-app alert that you’ve been assigned a new Work Order. If any of the other demo users assigns a Work Order to you, you will get a push notification to your device, even if you are not running the demo application.

You can test work order search by entering ‘hvac’ in description. This will find the first 50 active work orders with this description.

If you are searching for a part try ‘149’ to find all parts with 149 in the part number.

When looking at a list of Work Orders, don’t forget to click the ‘Map’ button to see how it looks in the map view.

But don’t stop there. You can do anything you want in the demo app. It has hundreds of thousands of work orders, tens of thousands of locations, equipment and part records and hopefully you’ll see hundreds of ways that it can be used in your business