apptree is for making connections between enterprise systems ... and for creating apps and features on these connections.



Inspections, Timecards, Work Management, Preventive Maintenance, Space Surveys, Key Control, Utility Meter Reading, Space Management, ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance, Requesting Services, Inventory Management, Part Request and Delivery, Labor Entry, Timeclocks, Scheduling and Dispatching



If you understand your requirements, and are comfortable with mobile technology,

you can create point solutions and enterprise mobile apps  that work off-line..



First, point the  App Builder at a database or application.

AppTree figures out the capabilities of whatever you've connected it to.

Next, pick the type of feature you want to create 

The App Builder automatically creates your app and you can enhance it to meet your needs.

Just push a button to publish your app to all your users.

Use our SDK to create sophisticated enterprise mobile apps in less time.  The apps you build will work off-line, even with large amounts of enterprise data.  Apps are secure, fast and stable.  Contact us at to see how you can save your enterprise time, money and get better apps in the hands of your users.

Who uses AppTree Revolution?  You CAN.

AppTree Revolution is for...

enterprise employees, managers and directors to leverage their domain expertise to build solutions tailored to their organization’s needs.

enterprise developers to become 10x more productive by bypassing all mobile development and focusing on building connectors to your exiSting enterprise systems.

consultants to add enterprise mobile to their list of services they can provide their customers.

enterprise software vendors to add native enterprise mobile apps to their product line in less time and with less risk.

app developers and startups for fast prototyping, development and creation of sophisticated enterprise mobile apps that work off-line, can handle large volumes of transactions, and that are fast, stable secure and competitive.